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Bar-Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies at the Western Wall and Masada

Conducted by Rabbi Tzvi Graetz

The Ceremony

The ceremony will include donning the tallit and putting on the tefillin, traditional prayers, Shema prayer, Israeli songs depending on the family’s preference, procession of the Bar-Bat Mitzvah boy/girl with the Torah, festive Aliyah La’Torah, traditional parents’ blessings, Bar-Bat Mitzvah speech (drasha), and a certificate with the name of the Bar-Bat Mitzvah boy/girl and the date of the ceremony.

אודות הטקס

Bar-Bat Mitzvah Ceremony at the Kotel and Masada includes:

Reading the Torah Ceremony.

Donning the tallit and laying tefillin.

Full assistance before and after the ceremony.

Personalized ceremony according to your family’s needs and plans.

Personalized prayer book with photos of the Bar-Bat Mitzvah boy/girl for each guest (extra cost).

The ceremony will be in the Azarat Yisrael section of the Western Wall, where you get to choose whether men and women can stand together, hear the Bar-Bat Mitzvah boy/girl clearly, kiss the Torah and feel part of the ceremony. It is also possible for boys to hold it in the Men’s section, but the women will be standing behind the mehitza (Partition). 

About Rabbi Tzvi Graetz

Rabbi Tzvi Graetz, serves as a rabbi several cities in Israel and abroad. Since 2007 he served as the executive director of Masorti Olami and Mercaz Olami (until 2016), and today he serves as a part time rabbi in Congregation Hod Ve’Hadar, Kfar Saba. He has been tutoring Bar-Bat Mitzvah boys and girls, and conducting ceremonies at the Kotel, Masada and other places throughout the country for more than 25 years. Rabbi Graetz serves as a cantor (hazzan) in various synagogues, using his vocal skills, and engaging the entire family in the prayers and songs. He conducts various life-cycle ceremonies. He has 3 children, and they are all living inTalpiot, Jerusalem.

אודות הרב
סוגי טקסים

Bar-Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies at the Kotel and Masada

Tefillin ceremony and Aliyah in Azarat Yisrael (with the entire family) or at the central compound (with separation between the men and the women).

Full assistance during the Bar-Bat Mitzvah event and personalized experience according to the family’s needs and plans!

Personalized prayer book with photos of the Bar-Bat Mitzvah boy/girl for each guest (extra cost).

Meeting in advance to prepare for the event and coordinate expectations.

Basic package

Tallit &Tefillin ceremony and getting an Aliyah.

Coordination with the necessary authorities regarding location, time and date, including ordering a Torah scroll, a white table cloth and siddurim.

An experiential prayer ceremony conducted by Rabbi Tzvi Graetz adapted to the modern families of today!

Receiving a personalized Bar-Bat Mitzvah certificate.

Preparation meeting in Jerusalem or via Zoom.

Traditional prayer book combined with famous Israeli and Jewish songs.

Extended package

Includes the ‘Basic package’, In addition to:

Personalizing the prayer book with photos of the Bar-Bat Mitzva boy/girl.

Recording the reading of the Torah and the blessings.

Additional preparation meetings for practice.

Upgraded package

Including all the above packages, In addition to:

Printing in color the personalized prayer book.

3 hours of private tutoring for the Cantillation notes

​*You may choose a quiet and more intimate celebration, without drums and without the presence of other groups in the area. Each one of the packages includes the option of celebrating during one of the week days, not only on Monday or Thursday. For more information about having your ceremony during one of the other week days, please contact Rabbi Tzvi Graetz.

Assistance in writing a creative and moving drasha with a touch of humor to suit the event (Grandma will be very proud!).

Recommendations from those who have experienced bar/bat mitzvahs with Rabbbi Tzvi Graetz:

Thank you for the ceremony and your support throughout the event. We have all enjoyed Ariel’s journey, and the ceremony was emotional, special and significant for her, as well as for us and the entire family. The prayer book prepared for Ariel and adjusted to our family’s needs, together with her and her family’s photos and our favorite songs, added a personal value to the event.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart,

Yoel and Karnit.

We have enjoyed and were moved by the ceremony tremendously- this was exactly what we have dreamed of. It was lovely and exciting. We cannot stop talking about it.

Thank you for everything!

Yaron and Anat.

Dear Tzvi,

Thank you for conducting the Aliyah La’Tora ceremony of our son Dor.

The ceremony was exciting. It was carried out in a professional manner, including singing and giving the family the honor to hold the Torah.

Bar-Shmuel family.

Dear Tzvi,

Thank you for assisting us on this meaningful and exciting day. You have conducted a lovely and pleasant ceremony, and we have enjoyed your company.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart,

Yagil and Tzabari families.

Dear Tzvi,

thank you for organizing yesterday’s ceremony, it was beautiful and moving.

Shabbat Shalom,

Moti and Galit.


In addition, you will receive suggestions based on my experience:

Recommendations for instrument players who will accompany you at the Kotel with drums and shofars.

Advice on how to buy good tefillin and a tallit (prayer shawl) with a fair price.

Recommended restaurants in Jerusalem.

Good photographers in Jerusalem with fare rates.

Parking and arrival arrangements for seniors and guests in wheel chairs.

To schedule and discuss the event with Rabbi Tzvi Graetz

please contact the following numbers:

Thanks! Message sent.

צור קשר
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